The programme of study for English at OXEMT covers the skills of reading, writing and speaking, based on the National Curriculum.


We aim to develop a love of reading so children can increase their comprehension skills and vocabulary.

To aid with this, each child is given a Vocabulary Book to note down any difficult words and find out their meaning.


In addition, each child has a Reading Diary to record what they have read and we actively encourage parents to visit the library with their child as to instil good reading habits.


Membership of the library is free so to find out where your nearest library is, click the link to Oxfordshire library page.



The ability to write well for the correct audience and purpose is essential for success in English.


Students learn to identify story genres and write for different purposes, including producing fiction and non –fiction pieces of work.


They also learn how to plan, draft, write, edit, proofread and evaluate.

For Key Stage 2, we do weekly Spelling Tests.

When handwriting and presentation is a concern, we provide a handwriting book and pen so the child can practise.


Speaking and of course the ability to listen is crucial to a child’s

development, not just in English.


Through debates, discussions and plays, students are given ample

opportunities to express themselves and are also taught to listen to others who wish to contribute with equally valid points.

Grammar and punctuation

Learning the correct parts of speech and how to use punctuation are fundamental elements of English. This ability is tested at the end of Year 6 in the form of SATs, so it is essential to

have a good foundation right from the very start.


Through match-up grammar and punctuation games as well as teaching the skill of proofreading, children learn to identify errors and correct them.


In addition, IXL English provides a solid basis to work from and progress further.