The programme of study for Maths at OXEMT covers the skills of number and arithmetics, geometry, statistics and reasoning based on the National Curriculum.


Number and place value is one of the important areas covered in KS2. Students learn to count, read, write, round and compare numbers.

Our programme of study covers key arithmetic skills and focuses on mental and written methods of the four operations.

At the end of each section, solving word problems using real life situations, allows a consolidation of the learnt concepts.


Students learn how to compare and classify angles and geometric shapes including triangles and quadrilaterals.

This can be achieved through learning properties of shapes and measurement such as calculating perimeter and area of 2D-shapes, determining the appropriate unit of measurement to use or identifying related facts to deduce missing angles and lengths.

We  teach our students to become more accurate in drawing geometric shapes and nets with the ability of using the given dimensions and angles to complete the task.


When encountering a new challenge, reasoning is one of the fundamental aspects allowing the use of different notions and concepts in order to find a solution.

Word problems and collective activities stimulate the pupils to enhance their strategies and extend their understanding of maths.

This enables our pupils to keep improving their skills in parallel in various areas.  


From an early age; school year 3, familiarising children with data presentation is beneficial in later stages.

The objective is allowing pupils to interpret and present data using appropriate methods as bar charts, pictograms, tables or line graphs.

Students learn to compare different aspects of the information presented in the graphs. Also, calculating and analysing the mean as an average.