SATs Preparation: Year 6



At the end of Year 6, students will take their SATs exam.

We prepare students for SATs, teaching exam techniques that enable the student to focus fully on their task.

By familiarising students with the SATs past papers early on instils confidence, ensuring that when the exam comes, they are ready for success, which makes all the difference.

In English, there are 3 parts to this test: Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (known as SPaG).

Reading Test  - 60 min / 50 marks

(9th - 12th May 2022)

The 1 hour Reading test is a single paper with questions, based on comprehension tasks, from three passages of text. 

The Reading paper for and Year 6 requires the ability to skim and scan different forms of writing quickly; skills we teach through comprehension tasks using a wide range of texts.



- Grammar and Punctuation 

45 min / 50 marks  (10th - 13th May 2021)

- Spelling "20 min" / 20 marks

(9th - 12th May 2022) 

The Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test consists of two parts: a Grammar and Punctuation paper lasting 45 minutes and a Spelling test of 20 words.


By having weekly Spelling tests, prepares students further and allows them to develop their proofreading skills, alongside their Grammar and Punctuation.


Reasoning 1 - 40 min / 35 marks         (9th - 12th May 2022)

This paper involves a number of question type including : word problems, giving the answer to a calculation, multiple choice, true or false, drawing a shape or completing a table or chart.

Some questions are less constrained where the pupil has to explain his approach to solve a problem. 

Reasoning 2 - 40 min / 35 marks       (9th - 12th May 2022)

This paper is similar to reasoning 1. 

It consists of mathematical fluency word problems involving reasoning, with 2 sub-types of questions:

1- Selected response (select, match, identify ...)

2- Constructed response (pupils have to perform a number of reasoning and calculating steps to construct the answer) 

Arithmetic - 30 min / 40 marks   
(9th - 12th May 2022)

In the new national curriculum from 2016, the test result is a scaled score which range from 80 to 120. Pupils scoring 100 or more will have met the expected standard on the test.


The arithmetic test is 30 min long, the questions are just calculations including multiplication, division and fractions (no word problems), where students have to give the final answer of the calculation.


In some questions, studentrs are expected to use formal written methods such as long multiplication or division. For such questions there will be two marks one mark for the final answer and one mark for the appropriate method showed in the working.

Children should work quickly and accurately