What are we offering?

Oxford English and Maths Tuition provides weekly English and Maths lessons in Oxford for ages: 7-15. We cover students in Key Stage 2 primary, Key Stage 3 secondary and GCSE.

Students are taught in small classes, grouped according to school year. 

We identify weaknesses, strengthen key skills and boost the confidence of our students so they improve their learning potential and reach their goals.

Why small group tuition?


Each class has a maximum of 12 students.

This approach allows students to learn at their own pace and not feel pressured to keep up within a large class environment.

Our method results in the student having a more rewarding learning experience and ultimately maximises potential as confidence is increased; an essential contributing factor to the learning process

SATs Exam Preparation (Y6)


We prepare students for KS2 SATs and teach exam techniques that enable the student to focus fully on their task.

By familiarising students with the SATs papers early on instils confidence, ensuring that when the exam comes, they are confident and ready for success, which makes all the difference.


OXEMT Tuition is located in East Oxford Primary School       OX4 1JP, behind Tesco Cowley Road.

Free parking is available in the school car park.

Why OXEMT Tuition?


We started OXEMT Tuition in 2014 with a small group of 5 students, and a belief that perseverance, determination and an added human dimension are key points in achieving successful results that make a difference.


Our mission is to provide quality and affordable tuition based on the National Curriculum, from qualified and experienced teachers.

When joining you receive :

   - Stationery Kit and Book Bag 

   - IXL free Online Subscription for English and Maths, with                unlimited use 24/7.  


We also provide :    

   - Weekly homework (Worksheets/paper and Online practice)

   - Termly reports and assessments that detail the student                  performance, work progress and areas to improve.

Mr. El Aboussi 
Maths Teacher
BA (Hons) Mathematical Sciences (ULB)
Oracle Professional Certification (Oracle)
CRB/DBS Checked

I have enjoyed Maths ever since I was a child. As the most exact science, it is used in different situations of our daily life, and provides answers to questions raised in other fields, such as physics, chemistry and computer science. 

After graduating, I worked as a teacher in the state school system for 3 years.

I decided to switch to an IT Banking job for another 3 years only to realise that teaching is my vocation and passion.  

Mrs. Berni 
 English Teacher
BA (Hons) PGCE (Durham)
CELTA (University of Cambridge)
DELTM (Trinity College)
CRB/DBS Checked 

Teaching has given me so many opportunities.

I have been fortunate enough to have taught in many different countries over the past 20 years, in both state and private education.

I have also worked as a Director of Studies at ORA, St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford and  

St Clare’s, Oxford.


I love teaching as I can fulfil my potential whilst enabling others to do so.